29 “The Montreal Issue”


It seems so easy to romanticize the past, to invent a false nostalgia of a period one has actually never experienced. Just like some teenagers today wish they had lived in the 1990s (because of its current trendiness), I sometimes regret not having lived in the revolutionary eras of the 1960s and 1970s. This is probably based on the constructed perception that “back then” being a woman seemed to almost always equal being a feminist and where women seemed to kick ass in general by coming together, resisting and being mutually supportive of each other in all areas of life.


Issue 29 of .dpi explores intersections of art, activism, and feminism in Montreal over four decades, from the founding of La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse in 1974 to contemporary practices in 2014. This issue considers local networks and histories, and aims to situate these in wider contexts of feminist discourse. In this collection of articles, .dpi editors present a selection of projects, actions, and movements that contribute to telling a history of socially engaged art practices in Montreal.