Contre la Charte des valeurs québécoises

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29 “The Montreal Issue”

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In response to the increase of racist violence in Quebec following the calculated launch in 2013 of the nationalist government’s Charter of Quebec Values (Bill 60), an anti-racist feminist collective produced a series of typographic posters, which are copyright free and available online to print and poster. The series aims to make opposition to the xenophobic charter more visible in public and cultural space, with the informal support of spaces that hold anti-racist feminist values. These spaces are invited to put the poster of their choice on their door (or window, vitrine, etc.) as a gesture of solidarity and to share the link with other spaces that are likely to do the same.

Posters for download :

anti-charter_posters 01 - F.A.R.D. anti-charter_posters 02 - F.A.R.D. anti-charter_posters 03 anti-charter_posters 04 - F.A.R.D anti-charter_posters 05 - F.A.R.D.

Bill 60:

Déclaration communautaire « Ensemble contre la Charte xénophobe » :

Ensemble contre la Charte :

Collective des féministes musulmanes du Québec :

“New Montreal Zine about feminism, identity and islamophobia” (audio) :

Québecois contre la Charte :

Charte des distractions :


Posters par / by F.A.R.D. (Féministes anti-racistes détonant.e.s), lancement .dpi 29 launch, 2014.