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Amber Berson is passionate about art and its potential for social change. Her current research focuses on art and mourning, museum practises, narrative theory, artist-run culture, the mythology of national art and vernacular collections. Her Master’s thesis at Concordia University considered how missing and murdered Aboriginal women have been depicted in Canadian art. She works in and with artist-run-centres and most recently curated several editions of the SIGHT & SOUND festival, the Salon : Data series, the exhibition Département des Nuisances Publiques, and other projects at Eastern Bloc; The Wild Bush Residency at a cottage in Val David, Quebec; In Your Footsteps at the VAV Gallery, The Magpies Nest at the Wenger Homestead in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and “We lived on a map…” at the CEREV (Centre for Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence) exhibition space. She helped to coordinate the Quebec Quilt Registry, to organize the Guido Molinari painting archive, to research Métis clothing in European collections and generally wants you to let her go through your stuff.


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