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Because of government funding cuts to arts and culture, our online feminist journal .dpi is seeking alternatives in order to pay our editors, writers and artists who are critical to  ensure the dissemination of new ideas and provide visibility for a rich community of artists.

.dpi is an independent project run by a team of passionate volunteers with Sophie Le-Phat Ho as the editor in chief, and an editorial committee consisting of Julie Lavallée Alary, Amber Berson, Esther Bourdages, Christina Haralanova, Corina MacDonald, Katja Melzer, Candace Mooers and Deanna Radford.

Montreal-based Studio XX, a bilingual feminist artist-run centre for technological exploration, creation and critique, has been hosting and providing technical support for the journal since its inception in 2004.

To date, 28 issues of .dpi, at the rate of 3 issues a year, have been published - online and always free.


Why do we need your support?

After losing its main source of government funding in 2013, the .dpi committee needs to raise funds so that we can keep publishing this essential feminist journal, while at the same time trying to establish long term assistance.

We profoundly believe in the relevance and necessity of this journal because it provides a platform that bridges local and international feminists, activists, writers and artists.

We want to raise $8000 between now and June 2014 using a number of different strategies, including the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign .dpi Journal no 28 : Gender-ed Cultures on the Internet, which raised $ 2,029 and help publish the number 28 of the magazine in December 2013.