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An on-line feminist journal of art and digital culture, .dpi is a rarity, and we would like offer you a place on our website in exchange for your financial support.  The journal has existed since 2004, and it could be the perfect place to increase the visibility for your company, projects, initiatives or creative collaborations to a public already interested and attuned to issues at the intersection of art, digital culture and feminism.

This initiative is part of a fundraising campaign that is currently taking place. The journal was hit hard by on-going national and provincial cultural budget cuts and our goal is to raise enough money to pay the writers and artists of the next issue - their participation contributes not only to essential research and reflection, but also provides a platform for artists and researchers world-wide who are working in the fields of digital art and feminism. There are very few journals with this focus and we need your support to make sure that .dpi stays at the forefront of this conversation.

Last year, .dpi’s website attracted over 15,000 visitors from all over North America as well Europe. Our bilingual content appeals to a wide audience, our traffic is steadily increasing.

You will find information on the various packages available on our advertising kit.

Contact-us for more details.