31 Music and Politics


“...if music were not the unique exemple of what might have been-if there had not come the invention of language, the formation of words, the analysis of ideas-the means of communication between one spirit and another[1]”. Marcel Proust

Issue 31, entitled “Music and Politics”, continues the reflection I began in “Musique et politique, pratiques de femmes”, an article published in issue 27 of .dpi that was inspired by American musicologist Philip V. Bohlman and his well-known essay “Musicology as a Political Act.” 


Issue 31 of .dpi is an extension of the article “Musique et politique, pratiques de femmes”, published in issue 27. It further examines the relationship between music and the social sciences. Contributors explore political, societal and cultural issues through a focus on the music created by women, minority groups and members of the queer community. Infused with personal meaning, the articles in this issue provide an engaging look at Aboriginal, improvised, electronic, electroacoustic and traditional music.