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32 Les réseaux Queer

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Personal traite de la consommation et de la définition des corps queer dans les environnements numériques. En examinant la façon dont la performativité définit les corps et comment ils informent la performativité, Wolfgang Bucher et Dominic Burkart explorent comment l'âge se rapporte à la sexualité dans le monde numérique.


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Dominic Burkart is an intermedia artist and undergraduate at UMKC, where they study Psychology and English. More information is available on their blog,

Wolfgang almost died at birth. Having survived, he's been using his time to ‘perform.’ His work explores oral fixations, childhood fears, empathy, pee shyness, and grief... so far. He works best in collaboration.  Wolfe is working towards a master's in art therapy with a focus on building empathy and resilience in marginalized adolescents. He plans to go out like Maude when he turns 80.