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LA FULMINANTE, a name that can be translated as “the Lighniting,” is a character based on social stereotypes of the sexually provocative Latina, taken from the erotic fantasies built by the Mass Media, reggaeton and pornography. She uses her body as a tool to disseminate ideas, and as an element of attraction to make visible what is not usually available through the conventional channels of communication. As though possessed, she speaks its own language, which is subtitled in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. The work touches on topics related to globalization, the struggle against imperialism and against the model of power relations imposed by the ingrained machismo in Latin America. There is a new video every fifteen says, with thirty videos posted to date.

Video : Nadia Granados

ANTI-IMPERIALISTE SUCETTE is a video performance subtitled in English, Castilian, Portuguese and French. Giving a convincing blowjob to a pistol, la Fulminante does a monologue in which she questions the use of soldiers as cannon fodder in war.

Video : Nadia Granados

COMPULSORY MATERNITY is a Monologue about Latin American discussion on the decriminalization of abortion. For the right to decide about motherhood, The Lightning makes a speech while sucking a condom full of semen in reference to accidental pregnancy. Many states require some women, especially the poorest to become mothers as abortion is only possible if a person is able to pay a clandestine clinic.

Video : Nadia Granados

I LIKE YOU 'CAUSE is a Reguetton lip-synch performance in which Granados Nadia plays both man and woman singing dancing in the style of a typical video of dog Latin. The lyrics are an invitation to the popular struggle.

Nadia Granados was born on May 3, 1978 in Bogota.
 Interested in the arts of space, movement and body, such as video, installation and performance. His work is characterized by mixing extracted contents of the Mass Media with issues related to anti-globalization struggle. Interested in communication in public spaces (street, the Web) using his body and art as a tool for social transformation.
In 2010 production begins is currently developing work.