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A Review of Artforum's iPhone application for artguide

I can't get it on my phone, but probably it is ok. It probably is extensive and useful if you don't already get emailed by all the galleries with their press releases and updates and Facebook and what not. The RCAAQ has the Réseau Art Actuel Centre Ville art map app and that works too. So does the Mile End art map which is not just Mile End, but also not an app, just a map. Pavillion Projects also has a map. Does Artforum need one too? Maybe. Who knows? They cater to different audiences. I wonder how much they spent to make the app? Apps are expensive. And you have to pay for theirs, which is less cool. The RCAAQ app is free. I would probably use it though, if I was travelling and was too lazy to read their website directly. But I won't use it for Montréal.

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