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Wednesday Lupypciw is from Calgary, Alberta, where she pursues a video and performance art practice. To make money she is a part-time maid. She also maintains a concurrent practice in textiles—weaving, machine knitting, embroidery and crochet—but this is done mostly while procrastinating on other, larger projects. The performance art collective LIDS, or the Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society is one of those projects. Other recent works have been exhibited at Nuit Blanche of Calgary (2014), La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse (Montréal, (2014), at the Feminist Art Gallery (FAG) and the FADO Performance Art Centre, (Toronto, (2013), and in the touring show They Made A Day A Day Here (Grande Prairie, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, 2013), curated by Amy Fung.

Nicole Burisch is a Canadian curator, critic, artist, and cultural worker. Much of her work has focused on contemporary craft and craft theory and she has researched, published, exhibited, and lectured on this topic in Canada and internationally. Her research (with Anthea Black) into curatorial strategies for politically engaged craft practices is included in The Craft Reader (Berg) and Extra/ordinary: Craft and Contemporary Art (Duke University Press). Burisch’s writing has also been published by FUSE Magazine, Stride Gallery, the Richmond Art Gallery and in the Cahiers métiers d’art :: Craft Journal. She is one-third of the Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society, a loosely knit group of purposefully lazy womenfolk whose activities make visible and politicize women's roles in the (arts) economy.

Diana Sherlock is a Canadian independent curator, writer and educator whose projects engage research and commissioning models that create opportunities for contemporary artists to produce new work in response to specific collections, contexts, histories and cultures of display. Recent projects in addition to In the making, include Folly: Château Mathieu at the Nickle Galleries, University of Calgary (Alberta). Since 1995, Sherlock has published over 50 texts in gallery catalogues and contemporary art journals including Canadian Art, FUSE Magazine, Blackflash, Ceramics Art and Perception (Sydney, Australia), Border Crossings, Artillery (Los Angeles/New York), CMagazine and The Calgary Herald. Sherlock was the Curator-in-Residence at the Alberta College of Art + Design (2011/2012), where she teaches critical theory and professional practice in the School of Critical and Creative Studies.


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