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32 Queer Networks

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Journal Launch .dpi 32 Queer Networks
Friday, June 19th, 2015, 5 to 9 pm
Studio XX (4001 Berri, espace 201)

Free Entrance

Photo : Jessica MacCormack, 2015

The team behind .dpi online feminist journal of art and digital culture is excited to launch issue 32 Queer Networks at Studio XX - the theme was coordinated by the Guest Editor Mikhel Proulx.

This launch is special because it marks the end of the journal in its current version. In 2013, the team of the journal began a major transformation process confirming .dpi as a feminist journal of art and digital culture, making it an independent project of Studio XX, and providing a new platform and new members to the Editorial Committee. Nevertheless we had to deal with recurring organizational and financial challenges that no longer allow us today to continue the development of the publication in its present form.

However .dpi remains a key platform for our organization and we strongly want to maintain it. Thus, in September 2015, the Board of Directors of Studio XX, its Programming Committee and members of the Editorial Committee of the journal will be invited to meet in order to define the new form of the publication..

Stay tuned to the next communications of Studio XX for more details !

We thank very much the following people who worked many unpaid hours and helped to make .dpi an essential journal for the creation of an interdisciplinary community of people both curious and critical about technologies, feminisms and art: Sophie Le-Phat Ho, Julie Lavallée Alary, Amber Berson, Esther Bourdages, Christina Haralanova Corina MacDonald, Katja Melzer, Candace Mooers, Deanna Radford, Caroline Blais, Paule Mackrous, Claire Paquet, Koby Rogers Hall and Stephanie Lagueux.

Articles :

Editorial by Esther Bourdages, Editor-in-chief

Introduction and presentation of the theme Queer Networks by Mikhel Proulx, Guest Editor

Naming a Radical Queer Girl Tumblr Aesthetic
Article by Alicia Eler and Brannon Rockwell-Charland

Faceism and Fascism in Gay Online Dating

Article by Tom Penney

Trans Sex Workers, Generating Capital
Article by R.A. Taylor

Queer Shibboleths: Language, Signalling, and Encryption in Online and Offline Networks
Article by Kathleen Fraser

Fade to Glamour: Recycled Stars by Mary R. Desjardins
Article by Esinam Beckley


Artworks :

Ok Lucid
Ianna Book

i need to feel endless in both directions
Jessica MacCormack

The World Will Always Welcome Lovers
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay

Dominic Burkart & Wolfgang Bucher