Un synthétiseur en tissu

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24 Fashion / Textile / Technology

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Detail of a stitched square of tissue


I have been using a rather peculiar interface for the past few months to control the modular synthesizer I built on my own: I have stitched electrical wires onto a piece of tissue that serves as my main sound-making interface.

The textile canvas is flexible, hugs body contours while making it resonate and allows for organic fleeting connections that are organic, fleeting, gestural and compelling. In this context, the concept of reverse engineering becomes a practice of reconnection between a technological artifact and a body that breathes, moves and evolves.

The stitched square of tissue is connected to the synthesizer by simple means: each individual stitched line controls a voltage input/output. When the interface is manipulated, both inputs and outputs mesh together and blend in with body electricity fluctuations ; every brush of the finger, each pressure and stroke allows for a different sound and a unique voice.

Expirées en spirale by Émilie Mouchous

Émilie Mouchous est une artiste sonore qui fabrique ses propres instruments électroniques. Ses activités d’exploration sonore et spatiale se caractérisent par la création de mini-systèmes autonomes et se manifestent de multiples façons : pièces radiophonique, séries d’objets électroniques, improvisation libre collaborative, art web, installations en art de la transmission radio. Elle travaille actuellement à la conception d’un projet de synthétiseur modulaire cousu inspiré de la technique de la courtepointe.