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A Review of Artforum's iPhone application for artguide

I can't get it on my phone, but probably it is ok. It probably is extensive and useful if you don't already get emailed by all the galleries with their press releases and updates and Facebook and what not. The RCAAQ has the Réseau Art Actuel Centre Ville art map app and that works too. So does the Mile End art map which is not just Mile End, but also not an app, just a map. Pavillion Projects also has a map. Does Artforum need one too? Maybe. Who knows? They cater to different audiences. I wonder how much they spent to make the app? Apps are expensive. And you have to pay for theirs, which is less cool. The RCAAQ app is free. I would probably use it though, if I was travelling and was too lazy to read their website directly. But I won't use it for Montréal.

July 09, 2013


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Artforum's artguide
Download Artforum's iPhone application for artguide—the international art world's most comprehensive directory of exhibitions, events and art fairs in more than 500 cities. Get Artforum's artguide app here.
  My favorite!
I'm so impressed by this app that I decided to write a review (my first). I use it in NYC all the time and can't wait to use it as my guide to discover the scene when I visit Beijing. So easy to use and also love the graphics. Thanks Artforum for helping me navigate the art world!

Artworld guidebook
While usually I completely dislike art apps, this one is terrific. It is a constantly updating, all-encompassing, and personal guidebook—literally at your fingertips. Absolutely everything you would need to know about seeing art anywhere, abroad or at home, so easy to use, and so easy to personalize. Although I don't want to admit it, I am already finding it essential.

Must have!
A must-have app for anyone who wants to know what's going on around them in the art world! Exactly what I was looking for.

Indispensable guide for seeing art internationally
A necessary tool for navigating the chaos of the art world. I use this frequently in New York to stay on top of what's opening and closing, and shows I would have otherwise missed, and found it equally useful when I was in London. The app is great for letting art aficionados feel like a native wherever they are.

An impressive achievement and a beautifully designed app! It's nice to see something useful from a magazine app instead of rote digital copies of their print issues.

How did this not exist until now?
So helpful and exactly what I've been looking for. Offers an all-encompassing guide to the latest art shows wherever you are. My favorite part is the map. Having it all in one place is amazing. Thank you, Artforum!
–Lucia BK

So much information at your fingertips. Fast, intuitive navigation and elegant design. I am very glad I downloaded it.

Artforum does it again!
This is amazing. It's great to have all this info in one place with all the art that happens in NYC. Can't wait to use it in other cities when I travel too!
–Rachel Stoewer 

Great app!
This app is so useful. It's very helpful to have an organized, accurate, interactive mobile list of exhibitions and events in hand. I used it in Chelsea last weekend and was reminded of exhibitions I would have otherwise missed.

The art world at your fingertips
It's easy to use, and the global reach of the database is unmatched.

A wonderfully helpful app that is informative and easy to navigate.

Great app!
I use this app all the time! The data is comprehensive and the interface easy to navigate—a must-have for doing the Chelsea rounds.

Great for non art people
A great app for people like me who aren't the most plugged into the art world to find out what to see. I had no idea there were so many options in my city for viewing new art at weekly gallery openings. Very clear, consistent layout and doesn't spam you with ads. Well worth the 3 dollars.

One-stop shop!
It's very useful when I'm going to openings, and the "nearby" function is the best! Also, I like that it's not just NYC listings . . . I'm traveling in Europe this summer, so now I can plan ahead and save shows to see while I'm there.

I have never reviewed an app before, but I just had to write something for this one. It is such a great helper for me, as I am incredibly disorganized and can never remember where or when any events are. Now I can keep track of them easily! Also great that there are global options, I travel a ton for work, and never know what to do in the cities I'm in. Looking forward to using this even more in the future!
–Art Lover 62626

Best art app!
I absolutely love this app. It gives you a comprehensive guide for everything that's happening in the art world. I highly recommend it.

I love it! Already starred some shows I want to see. Very useful.

Easy and useful!
This is exactly what I've been waiting for!!


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